Deucalion ( Δευκαλίων) Summer Institute for Advanced Studies in Optimization, Mathematics, and Data Sciences

August 5-15, 2019

Drossato, Argithea, Greece

About the school

The focus of the Deucalion Summer Institute is to concentrate on certain aspects of recent mathematical developments and data science.

Each day will be dedicated to discussions regarding one specific topic.

The idea is to encourage thinking "out of the box" to generate new ideas, inititiate research collaboration, and identify new research directions.


There is no registration fees and each participant is responsible for his/her own expenses.

Participation is limited and only by invitation.


Papers based on discussions by the participants will be published in a volume by Springer (Springer Optimization and Its Applications).

This year, the Summer Institute for Advanced Studies in Optimization, Matematics, and Data Science will focus on ''Top 10 Optimization Algorithms''.